Personnel recruitment

CRM sales

Post duties:
1. familiar with sales process and customer relationship, and can independently develop customers in manufacturing, medicine, University, finance and other industries.
2. to provide customers with professional product consulting and quality services, to provide solutions to meet customers;
3. maintain existing customers and develop new projects to maximize customer potential.

Requirements for office:
1. bachelor degree or above, majored in computer or marketing.
2. experience in software product sales, service major clients, manufacturing, medicine, finance, education and customer resources is preferred.
3. strong sense of sales, able to independently develop new customers and strive to achieve sales targets;

Function category: Sales Manager, Business Development Manager / Manager

Software Engineer

Post duties:
1, according to the work arrangement, high efficiency and high quality, complete the coding, ensure the standard front-end code.
2. Responsible for front-line modification and debugging of existing projects and new projects.
3. Work closely with the design team to achieve the designer's design ideas.
4. Work closely with the back-end development team to ensure effective code docking and optimize front-end performance.

Requirements for office:
1. Computer related major;
2. Proficient in ES5, ES6 grammar, proficient in vuejs, using at least one framework besides vuejs.
3. familiar with the front-end building process, skilled use of webpack and other front-end building tools.

Functional category: Software Engineer